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Uncommon Threads is a Long arm quilting service to help you complete your unfinished quilt top by doing the quilting for you. We can also bind the quilt.

Our equipment is the latest version of the Statler Stitcher with a Gammill long arm-quilting machine. The software gives you the choice of over a thousand quilting designs to choose from. Boarders, Sashes, Blocks or Pantographs with dense quilting or spread out quilting that can add to the heirlook quality of your quilt top. Carry out the theme of your quilt top in the choice of quilting pattern used.

Uncommon Threads has competitive pricing with a fast turn around time. Attention to detail and quality will make your quilt an item to cherish for many years to come.

Pricing information for our services

Below are prices for some of the common services I carry out. For more detailed information regarding prices please contact me.

Regular Pricing
Description Cost($)
Minimum charge 45.00
Pantograph, simple quilting design 0.02 per square inch
Pantograph, medium dense design 0.03 to 0.05 per square inch
Denser designs, stitch in the ditch outlining 0.06+ per square inch
Other custom charges - block designs, sashes, boarders, custom work 0.04 to 0.30 per square inch
Basting 0.02 per square inch
Binding with fabric supplied by the quilter sewn to the front and you stitch the back 0.25 per linear inch
Binding sewn to front and hand sewn to back 0.45 per linear inch
Rush Quilting 25% over normal cost
Miscellaneous Charges
Description Cost($)
Squaring up quilt top or back $20.00
Pressing quilt top or back $20.00
Repairing seams or piecing $20.00 per hour
Clipping loose threads $20.00 per hour

Information on preparing your quilt top

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Below are some simple tips for preparing your quilt top before bringing it to me for quilting.

  • Clip all threads
  • Secure all Seams
  • Stay stitch around perimeter of top and back
  • Press quilt top and back
  • Remove all salvages
  • Make sure quilt top and back are square with straight boarders.
  • Back should be 8 inches longer and wider than quilt top. (Batting also if you supply)
  • Any fullness will cause puckers when quilting is done. We will try to work them out as much as we can
  • Mark the top of the quilt with a safety pin.
  • Batting and backing can be supplied at an additional charge.

Contact Uncommon Threads Quilting

If you want any more information on any aspect of the services I offer or to set up an appointment or consultation please complete the form below and click send.

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Additional Contact Information

Alternatively you can contact me by phone: (716)-873-0739 or write to the following address:

Janet Walther
42 Canterbury Lane
Kenmore, New York